Introducing labore:tory at #rp17


Welcome to the labore:tory

The ones who joined #rpTEN remember the labore:tory. In 2017 we will have something special for you. Last year we have introduced this experimental space to focus on the intersection of culture, technology and society. While keeping this focus we expand the concept to incorporate VR, AR, games, video and art installations as well as workshops and a community corner, where social organisations will showcase their work and “Love Out Loud” for refugees, diversity and against hate speech, for example.

The labore:tory is the playground of re:publica, where attendees interact, play, and get inspired by innovators who are leading the way in using their creativity and current technologies to spread their love for causes their care about.

Over three days, the labore:tory will host four floors including two stages with talks, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality exhibitions, art installations and workshops as well as some fun surprise actions that will make you fall in love with this space.

Ground Floor Stage L1:
The main stage of the labore:tory, this is where featured talks will take place. In the evenings, this stage will also host performances and screenings.

First Floor Stage L2:
An intimate living room style stage that breaks the barrier speaker-audience. Here is where the more participatory talks and discussions will take place.

Second & Third Floors:
Exhibitions: A showcase of innovative VR, AR, games, video and art installations that bring creativity and innovation together under the umbrella theme LOL.

Workshops: In-depth, hands-on sessions presented by specialists in their field.

Community Corner: A space where social organisations can meet people, host talks and speed dating sessions.

Naughty Corner: A space where the sassy side of LOL can be experience through installations, play and information sessions. Meow!

Involved tracks: sub:marine, science:fiction, Love Out Loud, Arts & Culture

Photo credit: re:publica/Jan Michalko (CC BY 2.0)re:publica/Jan Michalko (CC BY 2.0)