Press Testimonials


"I get a feeling here and a barometer for the digitalized world: cultires, emotions, joy." Business activist Marc Frey


Haufe.de, 03.05.16

Heise Online

"The 10th re:publica opened with an appeal to celebrate the open Web and to preserve it in the times of growing state and private surveillance and control."


Heise Online, 02.05.16

Süddeutsche Zeitung

"If you're here, you belong to the digital avantgarde."


Süddeutsche Zeitung, 03.05.16


Stuttgarter Nachrichten

"The motto: new technology should not be directed against an individual."


Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 04.05.16


"Europe's biggest Internet conference is tipped for success: the organizers revealed attendance record broken again."


Focus, 04.05.16

Berliner Zeitung

"We are going to spend three days in the Station in Kreuzberg between robots, coffee stands, and 3-D-printers, talking, leraning, marveling, twittering, and streaming."


Berliner Zeitung, 02.05.16

Speaker Testimonials


"For music tech and for innovation in general, Berlin is the capital of the world. And re:publica is a fabulous conference, an amazing junction of different ideas. To me this is incredibly important, as I have made it my business to bridge art and science, academia and industry and join everybody in one space to create new things and a buzzing atmosphere, similar to what we are experiencing here, at re:publica."

Michela Magas, founder Music Tech Fest and member of the Advisory Board of the European Commission's Horizon2020 programme