The Motto: Love Out Loud! [LOL]


The Love Out Loud! presentation at #rpDUB

“Love Out Loud!” is the motto of re:publica 2017, which aims to focus attention on those people, organisations, and projects which stand up to hate, violence and injustice and bring light to the dark corners of our society. They deserve our attention more than ever.

“Love Out Loud!” is also a statement of intent.

With the very founding of re:publica, respect and the desire for diversity have been the very bedrock of what we do; positive forward thinking, curiosity, and openness guide the spirit of our event. With “Love Out Loud!” we want to remind the world what re:publica stands for.

In 2017, we will be dedicating our stages particularly to those who courageously defend and support human rights throughout the world. “Love Out Loud!” is our invitation and encouragement to raise your voice – and raise it loud!

With love as our motto, we hope to bundle and network positive energies during three days together with you. In her impressive 2016 talk “Organisierte Liebe” (“Organised Love”), Kübra Gümüşay called on us to do exactly that. Her talk inspired re:publica 2017's motto, because she's right. Standing tall against the darkness can be daunting and grueling task for us individually. That's why we are looking forward to three days of organised love for over 8,000 guests:

Love Out Loud!

Image credit: re:publica/Justin Farrelly (CC BY 2.0)