re:publica für Kids & Teens


Kids entertainment at re:publica

Everyone belongs in a digital society, including our youngest. That’s why children are just as welcome at the #rp17 as you are. Kids and grown-ups can tinker together at the GIG Makerspace and our other sessions also look forward to audiences of all ages. By the way, kids up to 16 years of age attend for free and do not need a ticket (please remember to bring a identification). 


Our re:play area offers everything a kids' heart could ever desire: toys, a book corner, art supplies and a ball pit. In addition, Klax - the creativity workshop will be hosting a daily workshop in the re:play area (Hall 3). Monday from 3-5pm; Tuesday and Wednesday from 2-4pm.

Coding (Monday- Wednesday)

The children are introduced to programming through a simple, playful approach. In the process, they get to know our minirobots - the Ozobots - and take them out for a drive. A big cityscape is created on paper with lines and red, green and blue colour codes, where the Ozobots can drive around.

3D Printing (Cancelled)

How does a 3D printer actually work? Thanks to a simple drawing program, kids will be able to create their first 3D printout at our stand. Developing your own ideas, fleshing them out and then actually producing them can turn children into successful inventors. Besides learning to think in spatial dimensions and intensely working with geometric forms, the children also get acquainted with the basic functions of 3D printers.

Makerspace Open Air (Monday- Wednesday)

Without any preconceived solutions, kids can let their imaginations run wild and, in doing so, develop specific knowledge about the functions of power circuits, switches and motors. There will be building, painting, tinkering and programming. Button cells, copper wires, LED lights and little motors are crafted together with recycled materials to create houses, robots, cars and even monsters.


GIG Makerspace 

Children are obviously more than welcome to have a look, take part and tinker with everything at the GIG Makerspace. We offer several sessions especially for kids (and grown-ups) ages 8 and up waiting to be discovered. Caution: no sticking fingers anywhere where there are maker machines.

Sessions for grown-ups and kids:


Is this garbage? No, it’s a [insert your awesome idea here]! This workshop will focus on repurposing things one would normally consider “garbage” using simple household items. During the session, we’ll build handbags, wallets and whatever you can think of using an iron, scissors, baking paper, different kinds of plastic foils and newspaper.

LET IT GLOW! Nurturing the social life of Photobacteria from the Sea 

More specifically, you will be learning to culture bacteria from the sea on agar plates and then grow it at home until it glows beautifully.

On Stage/Sessions (recommended ages 12 and up):

Es ist nicht alles Hass – Geschichten über Liebe und Freundschaft aus diesem Internet  

Is the internet broken? One increasingly gets the impression that this might be the case. The internet has definitely seen better days – as have we all. But is everything on the web really that bad? Hasn’t it also given us some truly beautiful stories? For the 11th re:publica, we’ll be bringing stories to the stage that would never have happened had it not been for a digital encounter. There’s so much love on the web, we just have learn to find it again.

Das digitale Meer: Wie Mikroorganismen ins Netz gehen

Microorganisms are hard to study, and that isn’t just because of their tiny size. This is the reason why we use molecular biological techniques, so-called DNA sequencing, to obtain information concerning their diversity and their functions. In this way, the genetic material undergoes a high-throughput digitalisation. Thanks to today’s technology, one doesn’t even need a fully equipped laboratory to do this. In this workshop we’d like to introduce these techniques to you and discuss what possible repercussions there could be in a world where everyone is suddenly able to sequence.

Berliner Naturtiefen

Nowhere do we encounter nature more often than in our own neighbourhoods. Why is it, then, that we so seldom take note of it? What would it take to strengthen our perception? We’ll be asking ourselves these questions at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (Museum for Natural History) in a project funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB). In our talk we’ll be reporting about our findings concerning the understanding of nature in Berlin and the challenges of a digital environmental education. 

aula - Schule gemeinsam gestalten

The role of school is to enable students to take part in the democratic process as responsible citizens, make their own decisions and take responsibility for their actions. The aula project wants to offer secondary school students the opportunity to develop their own ideas for the organisation of schools within a set and predefined framework, to obtain the necessary majorities to support them and decide on the implementation. The student participation takes place on the basis of liquid democracy.

Please note: The GIG Makerspace is suitable for children ages 8 and older. re:publica does not offer any form of childcare. Parents and guardians are responsible for their children.


Programme at the TINCON Stand:

Monday 2-3pm

Q&A: TINCON speaker Jonathan Sachse ( from Correct!v will be answering questions on the topic of "Fake News".


Makeathon: Instant coding with the Calliope mini ( lets you realise your own coding projects in 5 minutes or less.

Q&A: TINCON speaker Ingrid Brodnig (Link Session) will be answering questions on the topic of "HateSpeech/Online Hate".

On all three days

VR Gaming

Try out various virtual reality games with an HTC Vive headset

The TINCON is a festival for digital youth culture created by, for and with teenagers and young adults from the ages of 13 to 21. With the focus on media competence and digitalisation, the topics at the TINCON include: code, technology & games, education & science, YouTube, culture, music & lifestyle, politics & society.


We look forward to see you and your kids!

Foto: re:publica/Jan Zappner (CC BY 2.0)