Makerspace: Let Your Love Light Shine

Writing love letters is yesterday’s news: these days we send illuminated postcards. DIY amateurs and pros were able to get paper glowing using copper strips, LEDs and button cell batteries in Saad Chinoy’s “Darling leave a light on for me: DIY interactive love letters” makerspace.

Just take some self-adhesive copper strips, a couple mini LEDs, paper and some cheesy stickers – and you’ve got yourself a shiny token of love! The secret is the conductive material: copper as the connection between the LEDs and a special plastic that serves as a switch. The recipient just has to put the battery in the intended place, close the circuit by folding the paper and secure the battery with a clamp. The LEDs will light right up and have hearts, stars or smileys shining.

by Theresa Liebig (EJS) and Christina Spitzmüller (EJS)

Photo credit: re:publica/Gregor (CC BY-SA 2.0)