Robertina Sebjanic

Robertina Sebjanic

freelance artist and researcher

Robertina Šebjanič (SI) works in the intersection of art, technology and science. Her work encompasses immersive installations, av performances, workshops that tackle philosophical questions of our society and (bio)politic to the understanding of living systems and their interaction with the environment. Her ideas and concepts are often developed  in collaboration with others, through interdisciplinary integration. She is a member of Hackteria Network and Theremidi Orchestra. .

Her project Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification got an Honorary Mention @Prix Ars Electronica 2016 Interactive Art+, STARTS2016 nomination for project Time Displacement  / Chemobrionic Garden and nomination for the White Aphroid award for the project Aquatocene. She is part of SHAPE platform artist 2017.

Robertina is internationally exhibited artist. She performed / presented / exhibited at solo and group exhibitions as well as in gallery’s,  biennials, triennials and festivals, to name a few:

Ars electronica Linz, Le Cube & Decalab_Paris, Eastern Bloc Montreal, Art Laboratory Berlin, Kosmica Mexico city, Mladi Levi_Bunker_Ljubljana, Device art 5.015 – Kontejner at Klovičevi dvori_Zagreb, Rencontres at Bandits-Mages_Bourgers, Eyebeam & CT-SWaM_New York, PORTIZMIR#3_ Izmir, AMRO festival_ Linz, Kiblix_Maribor, Gallery Kapelica_Ljubljana, Netaudio_London, Amberl_Istanbul, Piksel festival_Bergen...