Lost & Found: Happen to Lose or Find Something at the #rp17?


Lost or found something?

Lost & Found: This year saw an astounding 9,000 participants converge on the grounds of the STATION – and a few hundred visitors at the labore:tory. With that many people it’s no surprise that a few odds and ends got left behind. We hope that you’ve been able to find any lost items since the end of the event. If they don’t happen to show up again: take a look at our list.

If any of your things are among them, then get in touch at: nora.kauczor (at) re-publica.de and let us know which item you recognised. Please also include further details on the item (for example, the brand or size, where applicable), so that we can be sure that it’s really yours. A few people are also still missing some personal items, in case you happened to have found anything.

What we found during the #rp17:


Thermos flask, silver

Laptop sleeve, beige Cote et Ciel

Headphones, Pirate Disco

Notebook, pink

Notebook, red

Notebook, SWR

Glasses, black (box-framed glasses) Berlin Eyewear

Charging cable phone, white

Charging cable phone, black cellularline

Charging cable laptop, Dell

Charging cable phone, pink NETWORX

Charging cable phone, gray, short PNY

Headphones in-ear, black Sony

Pencil case, black Bugatti

Phone case, black GreenGo


Scarf, dark blue

Scarf, multi-coloured

Scarf, black

Scarf (tube scarf), plaid

Scarf, thin, polka dot

Bottle, Grohe Blue

Umbrella, black Knirps

Sweater, black Bugatti

Sweater (turtleneck), black


Glove, North Face


Student ID TH Köln D. A.

Bank card GLS R. O.

Bank card B. B. A.



Samsung S7 Gold 

Samsung phone

Glasses, thin anthracite-coloured titanium frames. Laura v. Wangenheim  

iPhone earphones, white

Samsung Galaxy 

Black hat 

Lens cap Canon

Photo credit: Cover photo re:publica/Gregor Fischer (CC BY-SA 2.0)