re:publica 2017

Short thesis: 

This video explores the correlations between the unpredictability of weather, fluctuations in the stock market, opinion polls and the concept of hyperreality.


Based on Jean Baudrillard’s “Information at the Meteorological State”, the video "Mete-o-rology" is a commentary on the relation between visual culture, media, politics and the weather. Which given the current focus on the debate on misinformation and statistical flops, makes this video, made in 2015, worthy of revision.

In his article Baudrillard creates an analogy between the unreliability of weather forecasts and the spasmodic fluctuations of the stock market. This correlation, he suggests, gives visibility to a deeper rooted problem: the lack of moorings of our current economical, mediatic and political institutions. Therefore, he hypothesizes that our economy, politics and society has eveolved into a state of hyperreality, the inability of one's consciousness to distinguish reality from simulation.

With that in mind, the video toys with the idea that hyperreality is achieved not only by a futuristic idea of a human machine symbiosis that provides a tangible augmented/virtual reality hybrid. But also by one simply being caught up on the shrapnel of everyday mediatic bombardment, social media interactions, political propaganda and misdirections.

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