Love and Intimacy in Virtual Reality

Love Out Loud
re:publica 2017

Short thesis: 

Cinema is voyeuristic in essence. Only when we watch movies it is ok to stare at a face, study all the details of a body and want to see all the details of lovemaking. In virtual reality, this goes a step further as your audience is put inside the action. This talk explores the reasons why we crave watching other people’s most intimate moments and how this can be translated into the immersive world of virtual reality using the erotic VR experience “Viens!” as an example.


Why do we enjoy watching naked bodies, and particularly those hidden parts - breasts, asses and genitals? Is it because we want to compare with our own anatomy? Because we want to see if we are “normal”, or better or worse?

What is shown or displayed of ourselves becomes a norm. The transgressive value of showing what has been codified to be hidden is extremely disturbing to most.

This is why nudity can be seen as an entry point into truly revolutionary territories. By being naked, by accepting other people’s nudity, we redesign who we are, what we are here as. Naked, we break all codes. Genre, identity, and sexual norms become irrelevant.

“Viens !” is all about this: embracing our naked self first, letting go of all pre established sexual patterns, reconnecting with our senses in an almost childish playful way, feeling at peace with who we are and our quest for pleasure, rediscovering the precious uniqueness of the other next to me, and finally diving into a global sensation of being free, one and whole.

Stage L1
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 11:45 to 12:15


Director / Founder