#Europeday Meetup

Politics & Society
re:publica 2017

Short thesis: 

9th of May is Europeday. We're celebrating with a meetup for everyone who is interested to promote the European idea.


At the meetup we'll look into organizing the Europen public sphere both online and offline. With input from:

  • Julia Hahn from Pulse of Europe, a citizens’ initiative that comes together regularly on the streets of Europe to committ to the fundamental idea of the European Union and its reformability and development and does not want to sacrifice it to nationalist tendencies.
  • Paul Dunne who brings Lessons from campaign site UKtoStay.EU: How can we use facts, emotion & tech to build trust & launch a pan-European platform to bring Europe together?

Also, we want to do a solidarity selfie for #EULesvos. The Changemakers Lab on the greek island that became to well known during the last years works on making Lesvos a humanitarian tech hub through connecting refugees, tech companies and NGOs. They have their own big event from 5th-9th May so they can't join re:publica Berlin this year.


This session is part of the re:connecting EUROPE programme supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. Find out more at #rpEUROPE.

re:connecting Europe
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 15:00 to 16:00


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