Deep Shit: Paradigms, Paranoia and Politics of Machine Intelligence

Politics & Society
re:publica 2017

Short thesis: 

The lecture explores the infrastructuralisation of artificial intelligence techniques and technologies including deep learning, convolutional neural networks, robotics and IoT along with the autonomisation of capitalist processes in tools and entities like blockchain, DAO and Ethereum, approaching them in the context of their cultural, philosophical, political, social, economic, and ecologic entanglements.


Digital warfare from highly complex and clandestine weapons systems like Stuxnet to brute force DDoS attacks like the recent ones carried out by the Mirai botnet, to algorithmic manipulation à la Cambridge Analytica call for highly urgent reforms in international law and war conventions, as well as new forms of critical practice and theory in all fields and across all disciplines.

Stage 1
Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 16:15 to 16:45