An Interview With Claudio Guarnieri: Don't Blindly Trust IT Corporations


Claudio Guarnieri at #rp17

Claudio Guarnieri is a hacker, and one politicians should listen to as he has a message: in order for this internet thing to be ok in the long-run, people need to become technically more competent and larger corporations more transparent.

“People don't trust governments, banks and the media – in contrast however they do trust technology”, Claudio Guarnieri observes, who works as a scientist for Amnesty International. “We need to replace this trust with knowledge.” At Amnesty, he examines how governments use technology to spy on people. If citizens were already taught at school, how technology can be used and misused, then they could better protect themselves against it, states Guarnieri.

By Shea Westhoff and Birte Mensing (EJS)

Photo credit: re:publica/Jan Zappner(CC BY-SA 2.0)