The Last Look

The Last Look

One night, Alice Johnson, a young woman who is working for the Solaris Research and Technology Center, wakes up in a rundown bathroom. Strange voices echo through the locked door.
She remembers a company party, but although she did not have too much to drink, she can't remember how she got to that place. One thing is clear: something strange is happening.

How is her boss involved? How the always stressed department clerk? And who the hell is that spooky goth girl teenager?
And then there is one other, far more disturbing thing: Alice is not alone.

Equipped with her mind as her only weapon, Alice needs to overcome all obstacles to win back her freedom. Maybe all of this is a perfidious test, maybe a conspiracy of the government or even the game of a serial killer.

And the closer she gets to solve the mystery, the more disturbing things get. Is there a way out after all?
The game mixes up strong atmospheric horror with clever, logical puzzles as well as an enemy you should avoid at all cost.


ChaosCore is a German indie game studio located in Berlin and started developing video games in 2015.
The studio was founded by three video game developer and got a funding from the Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg in the same year for “The Last Look”, the debut game of the studio.
After getting greenlit the early access version of The Last Look was published in Fall 2016 on Steam.
A PS4 release of the game is also planned.
The Last Look received overall positive reviews, especially the art style and detailed level design.
Playnation called The Last Look on their social media sites: “most beautiful horror game of 2016”.