When and where will the 2017 MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin take place?

The MEDIA CONVENTION will take place on May 8-10, 2017 at STATION-Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 4 - 6, 10963 Berlin.

What are the ticket prices?

Early Bird
Standard: 135 € 
Business: 495€*
Reduced: 65€

Standard: 199€
Business: 645€*
Reduced: 99€ 

Tickets grant access to all events at re:publica 2017 and MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin. All prices include VAT and handling costs.

You can order tickets online until 11:55 pm on 6 May 2017. Please note that you have to redeem the ticket voucher until that time too. Afterwards you can still get your ticket at the counter at STATION-Berlin.

* Including access to the speaker lounge. Further information on Business Tickets can be found on the FAQ page regarding the Business Ticket.

** Pupils, students, trainees, people on social welfare, retirees and people with disabilities can order a reduced ticket. Please present documents at the door. 

How can I cancel my ticket and what are the cancellation costs?

Ticket cancellation is only possible for privately held tickets and must take place by 6 May 2017. Cancellation fees are €5, plus handling fees. Overall cancellation fees for Standard Tickets are a total of €12,89€.

For more information, please contact Xing Event Team at https://de.amiando.com/help/ticketbuyer. For further questions regarding tickets please refer to the Xing Events Team.

To save cancellation fees, it is also possible to sell a ticket you already purchased and have the name on the ticket changed accordingly. In that case, check the FAQ How do I transfer my ticket to another person?

How do I transfer my ticket to another person?

It turns out that I can’t make it to re:publica after all and so I would like to transfer my ticket to someone else. How do I go about doing this?  

Not a problem. If you want to sell your ticket or gift it to someone then send an email to ticket@re-publica.de. It must include the name and email address of the original attendee, the name and email address of the new attendee, original purchase date of the ticket, ticket number and quantity. With this information we can transfer your ticket. Please note that transfers can only be done until 6 May 2017 and that ticket prices cannot be reimbursed. So, if the ticket to be transferred is not a gift then it is up to you and the new recipient to work out your own payment method.

Of course, you can still sell your ticket even if the 6 May 2017 deadline has passed. However, passed that date we won’t be able to change the original name on the ticket and nametag to that of the new attendee’s. There will be blank nametags available on location at the accreditation desk, which can be filled out by hand.    

What do I need to prove eligibility for discount tickets?

We will set up a dedicated accreditation booth for discount tickets at the main entrance to the event. Here you will be asked to show your student ID resp. other form of documentation.

I purchased a discount ticket but will be finishing my studies in March 2017. Can I still use the ticket?

Yes. Your student ID must have been valid between November 2016 and May 2017. For example, a student ID from winter semester 2016/17 is all right, but one from summer 2016 cannot be accepted.

What are the benefits of buying a Business Ticket?

  • Access to the Business Lounge

Those who want to escape re:publica’s festival hubbub can head to the centrally located VIP lounge and use its calm atmosphere to conduct business or just hang out with old friends and new acquaintances and enjoy the catering with the re:publica and the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin speakers.

  • Continuous catering during all three days

Four meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon cakes, snack in the evening) as well as soft drinks, coffee and tea are included in the Business Ticket and are available throughout the day in the VIP lounge. All warm meals are freshly prepared by the STATION-Berlin kitchens and, of course, vegetarian options are also available.

  • Transferability

Compared to regular tickets, Business Tickets are transferable. For companies this means that colleagues can alternate attendance by sharing the company ticket. This way everyone can take in the re:publica atmosphere and become inspired, conduct meetings on location or let staff members with specific skill sets attend corresponding thematic focal areas during the conference.

Do you offer concessions for group tickets?

Yes, for groups of pupils, students, trainees, people on social welfare, retirees and people with disabilities. Please present documents at the door.  Please send your inquiries for group tickets to ticket@re-publica.de