Tarkis is in chaos. Queen Nada, the only one capable of controlling the planet's interdimensional portals, is dead, murdered by one of her six children. Against this backdrop, you'll summon creatures, build up your clans, and battle for the throne of Tarkis. The more you explore, the more creatures you'll be able to unlock. Summon Champions, Fightlings, and Minions from 30 different clans. Build your decks and take on other players around the world in real-time, one-on-one battles that combine CCG mechanics with a classic memory game.

Fightlings uses COALA (Context-Aware Location Assessment) technology to assess a user's current context and update the game accordingly. Wander through parks or green areas, and you'll find green resources; when you're near transit or power systems you'll find red ones. Certain resources thrive during particular weather events; others only at specific times of day. COALA elegantly blends the intimacy of mobile devices with the complexity of daily life. In recognition of these technological innovations, Fightlings was nominated for the Deutscher Entwicklerpreis (2016) and the Deutscher Computerspielpreis (2017).


Thoughtfish develops games and gamified apps for smart devices, both in our own productions and in commissioned works. We offer expert advice at all stages, from concept to gamification mechanisms to monetization approaches, and calibrate our graphic design and UIs from a holistic, user-centric perspective.

We are adept at integrating location-based and context-sensitive services into our products. Our technology allows us to know more than just a user's location: for example, whether he or she is sitting in the rain in a playground, or trudging through snowy sidewalks, perhaps in search of a warm drink at a cafe. This knowledge is not limited to just time, place or weather: we continually gather new data sources and adjust the ongoing responsiveness of an app to the user's context.

We use this technology in our game Fightlings, while our customers have used it for everything from travel, food, and drink to nightlife and entertainment to job searches... the list goes on. Looking to the future, our next in-house product will advance this technology further by focusing on bringing context-based usability into indoor spaces.