STATION-Berlin is one of the most extraordinary locations in Europe. Situated at the heart of Germany’s capital city, its superb accessibility, its dimensions, its technological resources as well as its architecture – which enjoys protected status as a historic landmark – collectively make this site a national and international hotspot. It is a prime destination for exhibition and convention organisers, events agencies, multinational businesses and other institutions. Indeed, while the location is already home to many established and popular events, it also serves as an incubator for new and innovative concepts.

Many signs of STATION-Berlin's eventful past are still visible today. Originally opened as the “Dresdener Bahnhof”, a railway station serving the Dresden-bound line, it was transformed into a postal railway station more than 100 years ago, and served as one of Germany's most important hubs for the distribution of goods and packages until after the country's reunification. To this day, STATION-Berlin serves as a hub – a figurative hub for innovative ideas, ingenious products and incomparable events. 

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