Duel VR

Duel VR

Duel VR is a multiplayer western VR game where 2 players fight out - obviously - a duel. 4 weapons, 4 PvP arenas, 4 PvE arenas. With lots of dynamite explosions, whizzing bullets, broken glass, and bad comedy.

The game is ideal for the HTC Vive roomscale setup as players do not have to run around but by the storyline stay put in their position. It is one of the few Multiplayer games for the HTV Vive and is most fun in a VR Arcade and event setup.

The inspiration for the game is heavily borrowed from the Western genre themes. Because hey, who doesn’t want to be the hero of High Noon? The PvE environments offer training opportunities and fun challenges for high-scores. The four different weapons of choice are: Throwing Axe (take care to not throw the controllers!), Bow (most fun to shoot arrows at circling vultures), Gun (aka “Boomstick”) and of course the famous Western pistols (yes, you would say Colt, but no, we did not ask permission to say that as well). The characters you can choose to play are: The Explorer (an independent girl fighting her way through the Wild West), The Gentleman (not so gentle with a gun, though), The Hunter (aiming is fun), The Lady (see Gentleman), The Sharpshooter (she looks like an ex soldier), The Sheriff (no Western game without him), The Sister (the cloister was not her place anymore) and The Tomahawk (simply a big guy). The arenas we have are The Birds (think Moorhuhn in VR), The Saloon (you know the place), The Range (train your skills), The Cemetary (are these enemies undead?), The Noon (the sun stands high, a dead bush waves in the wind, a dog barks somewhere in the distance… and then the Church bells ring!), The Rim (play on the edge), The Train (fastest rail in the West), The Ride (a surprise setting!).

"Show that you have the fastest gun and sharpest aim in the wild west that is The Internet. Or try your luck with numerous challenges that are less deadly for you, but that more destructive for everything and everyone else around you."

Happy dueling!


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