Crowdfunding: Myth and reality

Business & Innovation
re:publica 2015

Short thesis: 

Crowdfunding appears to be everywhere nowadays. However it is still very much in an experimental stage. Many campaigns starting are entitled to gain more learnings than funding during the time on a platform. As learnings are a major part we would like to discuss them within the panel. Crowdfunding scheint überall angekommen zu sein, verstanden wurde es aber anscheinend nach wie vor nur von den wenigsten, die es nutzen. Trotzdem werden viele Kampagnen gestartet, die durch fehlende Vorbereitung nur Scheitern können. Gibt es mittlerweile einen Druck , zwingend eine Crowd adressieren zu müssen, auch wenn es wenig Sinn macht? Wer von den Gescheiterten hat das wie in seiner Kampagne erlebt und vor allem: was daraus gelernt?


Hier ist der Podcast zum Panel!


 Panel with two guests and a moderator on the subject:  

- too high expectations of the crowd

-the pressure for crowdfunding through friends, enemies and consultants

-the wrong time for funding

-the lack of concept for the campaign's goals in addition to financing

-the lack of team

-impact on the project after failure  

New approaches and past errors are detected and discussed intensively. What can we do better in  choosing the right companies for crowd funding, realistic expectations, online marketing know how & community, end consumer approach (dual use of community)

Panelists: -          

Konrad Lauten (crowd funding expert) – introductory key note, Get Your Crowd Agency., Berlin

Louis P Huard , campaigner and business development behind Smartgrips and the Boreal E-Bike

Matthias Strobel, Marketing for Nagual Sounds and campaigner for Nagual Dance


Thursday, May 7, 2015 - 14:15 to 14:45