Mickael Pinto

Mickael Pinto


Mickael graduated with an MBA from Brown University and IE Business School and has held diverse executive roles over the span of his career.

Up until 2010 Mickael, assumed various business development responsibilities for several global corporations, in many countries. From 2010 to 2014, he served as Director of New Business at Universal Music Group where he led international, cross-functional teams, and established strategic partnerships with global brands. These responsibilities led him to understand the complexity of the music industry and the many frustrations of today’s artists.

In parallel, Mickael embraced his entrepreneurial side. He co-founded and acted as the CEO for a social business incubator in Australia that empowered young talent and encouraged the emergence of new business models.

Working to empower others is part of what drives Mickael in his business ventures, and it was with this in mind that Mickael joined WAM in 2015, establishing the WAM project with the support of a talented team. It is with great passion and pleasure that Mickael is working in an environment that combines his passion for music, while challenging the industry’s status quo. For Mickael, generating a positive impact for the music community is as close to a perfect fit as could be.