Manuela Yamada

Manuela Yamada


I'm a 26 years old, Brazilian, product designer, social innovator, open source passionate and sustainability propagator.

When graduating at design school I chose a University in which the program was based on anthropology, for that, I focused my studies in understanding how design actually can be a tool for empowering people, transforming objects in more than just things, but actually platforms for human interaction and social innovation.

Over the last years I’ve been a partner at a design and consultancy company named MateriaBrasil, and our biggest project is a free open source platform that works as a library for social-environmentally responsible materials, products and services available in Brazil. Through six sustainability drivers, our biggest goal is to empower people, so they are able to make more informed and conscious decisions when it comes to selecting what they are consuming and their impacts.

For the next years we are working on creating a global network, having one platform per country or region.