#rpDUB Speaker Rachel O'Dwyer: About The Electronic Reproduction of One's Personality


Rachel O'Dwyer

The discourse on digital surveillance and data collection shows the Internet's impact on our everyday life. #rpDUB speaker Rachel O'Dwyer goes one step further and calls a person's online consumption the electronic reproduction of one's personality.

Rachel O'Dwyer's thoughts are big, wild and the inducement for her diverse working areas that include Open Source, alternative currencies, forms of exchange and peer production, but also activism, musicology, and Open Science.

She is not only a lecturer at the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College in Dublin, but also a leader of the Dublin Art and Technology Association (D.A.T.A) that promotes and discusses the connection between art and technology internationally. Bringing together representatives of the tech scene, the cultural as well as academic world, D.A.T.A is creating a complex hub focussing on multiple technological art practices.

Besides that, Rachel O'Dwyer writes for Neural Magazine, focussing on the use of new media in activism, our society's consumption and the role of technology when it comes to the music sector, and for the open access platform Interference Journal. It presents research in acoustic ecology, sonic arts and musicology and points out the part of sound in cultural practices.

It is easy to notice that Rachel is a person that not only talks but actively pushes new ideas for networking and resource sharing, always aiming to make these accessible for everybody. To reach this goal she also works as a researcher for CONNECT. The leading Science Foundation has an Ireland-based Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications and connects multiple providers to open up a vast data base following the idea of open data.

Rachel O'Dwyer's work and research life reminds you of a patchwork pieced together from various technological and innovative projects. The analysis of current surveillance forms and our online consumption are the basis of her upcoming talk "A Cache society: What your money is saying about you" at re:publica Dublin.

We are very excited to have her present at re:publica Dublin and are looking forward to the discussion!


Image by Rachel O'Dwyer