VR Meetup for a sustainable network of leaders

Arts & Culture
re:publica 2017

Short thesis: 

In cooperation with VR NOW Con, the Virtual Reality e.V. Berlin Brandenburg, the Berlin VR Meetup (VRBLN), the Czech VR Meetup Group and the VR BASE we want to invite makers and shakers in VR business, technology and culture to share and widen our networks. Ideally we create a constitutional meeting of leaders to jointly apply for a European network fund. As organizers of the VR NOW Con, regular VR meetups and the #gamesweekberlin we bring a stable network into the event and can make this happen! Virtual Reality includes MR/AR and 360°. We have a focus on new technologies, new content and new social interfaces enabled through VR as a medium.


We believe in Virtual Reality! It has the potential to become a new medium with new rules for content creation, distribution, social interaction and business models. Europe has the potential to play a mayor role in this movement. There are more than 50 different meetups - between 3 and 300 people - hosted regularly in different cities. There is excitement out there and with this meetup at re:publica we want to shout out loud the love for VR. 

Yet we need to build bridges between the different cities, different multipliers and different actors in order to build a sustainable future for the new medium. In order to achieve this, we will gather a group of VR networking leaders, makers and shakers to a meeting at re:publica in order to start building a more sustainable network - ideally to form a group of organizations to apply for a European network funding program. Partners to this initiative are the VR NOW Con, the Virtual Reality e.V. Berlin Brandenburg, the Berlin VR Meetup (VRBLN), the Czech VR Meetup Group and the VR BASE - and of course re:publica and Media Convention Berlin.

The goal is to establish a platform to regularly exchange know how, speakers, showcases as well as share partners and sponsors. The aim is to bring the people who jointly work on VR/MR/AR/xR together. The result ought to be content, tech and business developed in Europe.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 17:30 to 18:30