3D Print it, wear it, compost it

Fashiontech Lab Berlin
re:publica 2017

Short thesis: 

3D printing fashion at home is a myth: environmentally unfriendly plastics which as scratchy and uncomfortable to wear combined with abstract and bulky designs means that it just won't catch on. Today we will challenge this concept and show how 3D printed fashion is both sustainable, comfortable and even washable Create your own unique pattern in illustrator and turn this into a fully compostable, flexible fashion accessory that you can wear, love, wash and then compost. Limited to 10 participants


We will use photoshop to design a pattern and then turn it into a 3D digital design. I will teach you how this is then prepared for a desktop type 3D printer. Using a locally produced flexible, and compostable 3D filament material we will produce the designs directly on the 3D printers. If you have a laptop with photoshop that would be great.

The number of participants for the workshop is limited to 15. There is a sign up sheet available at the Makerspace - first come first serve.

Maker Space
Monday, May 8, 2017 - 12:15 to 13:15



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