New Tracks at re:publica 2017 – re:blog and science:fiction!

Since #rp16 we've been dividing and arranging many of our core themes and topics into manageable tracks. Before being the content signposts for the upcoming re:publica we want to use them to help inspire the Call for Participation. The CfP is staggered into three phases (the frst one already next week on 4 December, then8 January and 31 January). We have two great and new tracks for you, which will surely inspire exciting submission. A big welcome to re:blog and science:fiction.



This track looks at media formats such as blogs, vlogs and podcasts and shows how they are a reflection of the wide diversity within out society. Presenting aspects of relatable, day-to-day life or opinions on specific topics can be highly polished and professional or intentionally “DIY” - but community participation is always a significant factor.

We want to examine questions on how content, news, and analysis are transmitted to users and which technologies can be overlapped in order to create new stimuli for technical developments.

What about the political dimension? Several blogs and vlogs provide insights into upheavals in far corners of the world. While they can jeopardise the health and freedom of their authors, they expose inequalities in order to promote education within counter-movements and increase the chance for direct influence.

But, let's not forget about fun! The huge amounts of specific knowledge available at our finger tips is only possible through the full engagement of either creators. Some have even reached cult status and are revered online. In this track, we want to make room for the countless incarnations of independent publication and broadcast!

Check out the re:blog track here.


Science and fiction, technology and utopia – reality and the imagined are often closer together than one might think. It seems that the time frames of vision to realisation to monetisation have become smaller and shorter. The science:fiction track seeks to cover all areas where science and technology intervene in our daily lives: where development and innovation meet culture and society and where culture and society fuel development and innovation.

We're also interested in looking to the future. The “Internet of Things” was first mentioned in 1999, today we're closer to “embedded intelligence”.

This track examines the visions and potentials of science, technology, and research. A glance at the tech industry already shows us that today's significant development can be tomorrow's serious concern. Finally, we are interested in dreams, puzzles, design, new materials, making, and hacking. At re:publica, technology is our vehicle for an optimistic future: robots are our friends!

Check out the science:fiction track here.

Bildnachweis: re:publica/Sara Dacci (CC BY-SA 2.0)