The Makerspace at re:publica 2017!

Makers rejoice! Since 2014 the GIG Makerspace is bringing you the best of 3D printing, laser cutting, soldering, wiring, moulding and building. 2017 is surely no exception. From fashiontech to custom-made DIY limbs to knitted generative patterns: have a look at our awesome demo, exhibition and workshop programme, this year hosted by Fab Lab Berlin and GIG. Now for the fourth time, the GIG Makerspace is the place at re:publica where people can come to tinker, experiment, create, learn and share knowledge. We love getting people involved in maker culture, from veterans to complete newbies. So whether you are an experienced maker or a N00b, come learn, code, build and geek out with us. We are happy to show you around!

Constant Elements – From sub:marine to #FASHIONTECH LAB BERLIN

This year we have several constant elements at the space: sub:marine is one of them. Are you into glowing bacteria and mud-batteries? Come check out the sub:marine space including a wet:lab and exhibition to explore topics around the ocean. Learn how to nurture photobacteria at home until they glow beautifully and other fun stuff.

Another exciting area is our  #FASHIONTECH LAB BERLIN corner. Get your hands-on experience with several demos. For example, a digital project on how to protect women safely through smart clothing in India. Or let Samira Akhavan, Victoria Pawlik, Jojo Shone, Samira Akhavan, Rute Chaves show you their knitted generative patterns. Together with you we will create a continuous machine knitted textile throughout re:publica. Let’s design a data generated pattern based on your answers to a short questionnaire that we will translate into a knitted textile with the help of our hacked knitting machines.

We will guide you through the steps and teach you the basics. Don’t worry, no previous knowledge needed! Your pattern can both become a part of the big re:publica textile data visualisation and be knitted individually – and you can take it home. And come and customise your #rp17 merch at the Makerspace with the DTG t-shirt and canvas bag printer, printing the popular hashtags of re:publica 2017 using a direct to garment printer by Fab Lab Berlin. Last but not least, we are happy to introduce you to the LabMobile, our very own Makervan!

The Workshops – A Space to Hangout and Discover

For fashion lovers, start weaving your own fabrics! Come and create your own textile tool with Samira Akhavan. You will be using digital fabrication technologies to create a weaving loom that you will be able to bring home to start weaving your own textiles. Another workshop by Norma Barr will teach you how to print designs using compostable 3D filament material. Yay!

Are you interested in health-related topics! Isabelle Olschewski will guide you how to build a super handy phone speaker amplifier to go. She will offer two different designs, from which the participants can select. Something techier you can try with Mirella Alistair. She will build with you your very own microfluidic biochip. Attention, music fans! Build your own Synthesizer with Nidhi Mittal and Avik Gupta. And Raúl Quesada Navarro will teach you how to build and program an Open Source Robotic Arm. And don’t forget about this year’s re:publica LOL motto. Saad Chinoy will hold a workshop on how to make interactive love-letters with circuit stickers. Cutesy!


The GIG Makerspace at #rpTEN


More Demos and Exhibitions at the Makerspace

We have so much more for you this year! For example, come and take part in “Paper Under Control” by Eitan Rieger and Dorota Orlof. What could happen if Gutenberg, the inventor of the modern printing press, had a contemporary design program? Paper Under Control is an art project that combines the beauty and imperfection of old school printing technology with the capabilities of contemporary design and manufacturing techniques. All prints are designed on a computer. However, instead of using a digital printer, the outcome is engraved on a laser cutter and then printed with a custom designed printing press.

Explore the awesome “Time Portal” by EItan Rieger and Felix Klee. This cyberpunk time portal radiating heavy light was created as an exhibit at the Maker Faire Berlin 2016, as part of Fab Lab Berlin's booth. Time Portal is an interactive light sculpture that creates a constantly rotation light ring, which in term slowly follows the direction and speed of a spectator's hand if placed inside the portal. The final piece is 100 cm in diameter and is a part of a limited series of seven.

Develop open source products for wheelchairs. At “Made for my wheelchair” by Nicolai Hertle (Makea) you will create using maker technologies in an interdisciplinary team of wheelchair users, technicians and designers. The result will be an open source product that can be individually adjusted and built with the help of the maker technologies.

Create custom DIY limbs with Park Geun Woo and Yair Kira (Makea)! Custom DIY Limbs is a yearlong project focusing on research and development of digital solutions for producing individualized and functional prosthetics. The main focus is on lower knee prosthetics with research in finding if and how digital tools can impact traditional methods of production.

Take part in the “Anti-Flag” workshop by Charlie-Camille Thomas to support re:publica’s LOL motto. Preaching openness and mixity, you will create flags to express our love out loud. You will be able to act up and raise your democratic voice. In a more technical aspect you will learn the process of printing on textile with the Polyprint TexJet machine, available at Fab Lab Berlin.

Check out our full workshop programme here. Come find us the STATION’s main hall during all three days of re:publica!

GiG is supported by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Photo credit: re:publica/Jan Zappner(CC BY 2.0); GIG/Hakim George Hakim