"We All Have to Make Our Way through Digital Puberty"

Digital education hasn't only just become a challenge for schools, universities and other educational institutions in 2016. In his talk "Reset #digitalEducation! Why our expectations are completely wrong", the educationalist and curator of the re:learn track Jöran Muuß-Merholz calls for more courage in moving towards digital technologies.

Digital media are not just new tools, but also have the potential to fundamentally change learning and education. That was the core message of Muuß-Merholz' keynote. If the Smart Board is only used for traditional classroom teaching, then the teacher controls the learning process and only optimizes their own teaching. A better alternative would be to give over the control: As when the pupils decide themselves which media and tools they use, they emancipate themselves and learn more actively.

"We all have to make our way through digital puberty" Jöran Muuß-Merholz observed. With that he meant that teachers have to try out digital media and sound out its potential applications. Children, and digital natives especially, are way ahead of the adults in this respect – both should learn from each other, and with each other.