Jesta Phoenix

Jesta Phoenix

Coach & Trainer

Jesta Phoenix works as Slow Business Coach with people who have already found What they would like to dream into this world with their work and now want to raise their daily How of working to the same level of happiness…

Jesta is a passionate supporter of the Basic Income idea and project Mein Grundeinkommen e.V. – which collects money via crowdfunding and then raffles off unconditional basic incomes of 1.000€ for one year to lucky winners.

In 2016 Jesta was drawn as one of those lucky winners. Supported by an annual basic income she dared to start an experiment she’s been longing to try for a long time. And thus began the project Open Price – her coaching clients have now the option to decide what they want to pay Jesta for her work depending on their own budget…

In 2017 Jesta joins re:publica to share her complex and rich experience and stories of her year working with the Open Price.

Jesta was born in Leningrad, grew up in the GDR, travelled, lived, studied and worked in various countries around the world and now lives at the Müggelsee in Berlin with her wife and two children.


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