Jürgen Klose

Jürgen Klose

Senior Consultant

Jürgen Klose was born in 1965. From his youth to his mid twenties he spend most of his time in swimming pools by swimming the distance from the Northe Cape to south of sicily twice. After obtaining his Abitur he studied economics at RWTH Aachen in 1984. He starts working at a time when microsoft yet rolled out his first windows version and mobile phones had brick-size. During his first years at one of the biggest european retailers he setted a customer-loyalty-program which had a unique success in Germany.  After changing to the "the dark side" - he joined into the banking sector - he worked in different responsibility roles in the payment industry. After a short intermezzo at a japanese mobile operator he joined three years ago at fintechgroup, where he is now responsible for card issuing and payment consultancies.

Jürgen is married and had a 17 years old son where. During his spare time, he likes sports in the order, swimming, cycling, running. 


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