Who controls what you see?

re:publica 2017


War, death, misery: Our everyday life is dominated by negative news. And yet the fact is that never before have there been so few conflicts and people dying in war. Isn’t there some reality being overlooked in our news? PeacePrints – Blogging for Peace wants to change this distorted worldview. This is why Lea Suter left at the beginning of 2017 on a peace expedition, to collect encouraging stories of courageous people and successful peace initiatives from war-torn regions. At re:publica she will share one of these inspiring stories and will invite the audience to reflect on a more solution-oriented approach to journalism and international affairs.


Our everyday life is saturated by negative information. This influences not only our perception of the world but also our decisions and actions. But who is responsible for this dark picture of the world? The media, politicians, the global reality? But now, thanks to digital tools and information channels, we all have the possibility to influence information flows. It is us who decide what will be shared and what disappears from the radar. This is both an opportunity as well as a great responsibility. Would anybody willingly give up their freedom to decide what is important for them and what is not?

If we want to achieve positive change, we need to share more positive inputs and solutions. Based on this vision, Lea Suter founded PeacePrints -  Blogging for Peace, and as peace blogger she travels the world to collect positive stories from regions  only known for negative headlines and to shed light on visionary people and successful peace initiatives to increase their impact (so far Lebanon, Mali, Kosovo, Iraq).

At re:publica Lea Suter will share one of these peace stories and discuss with the audience how we can protect ourselves from surrendering to depressing news, as well as how we can avoid that other people decide how we see the world and what we talk about.

Contributions to the discussion can be made both in English and German.

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Dienstag, 9. Mai 2017 - 15:00 bis 15:30
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