Visualise Money Flows: Tracing EU Structural Funds

Politics & Society
re:publica 2017


Visualising large financial datasets provides insights in the data that takes it beyond the abstract numbers and provides a quick overviews and detailed drill down. Over the last year Open Knowledge International and Open Knowledge Germany have collected all EU structural funds data and used different data manipulations tools and tools specifically for visualising and analysing financial data. In this workshop, we will take the participants through this data journey, demonstrate the tools, and do a hands on sessions where participants can use the tools to visualise EU money flows.


Close to 500 billion of EU subsidies flow back into the member states through a complex system of subsidies, grants and regional funds. Information on who receives these funds is scattered over a web of regional and national data portals. The fact that the data is spread around and not available in one standard format in one place hinders transparency of the EU subsidies tremendously.

Over the last year we have brought all the data for the EU structural funds together. Over a 100 datasets of EU funded projects were scraped, cleaned, standardised and uploaded into software tools such as open spending for visualising public money. We will use this project to demonstrate how to trace public money with open data, how to set up a large scale data project, and how we have used different methodologies, standards, and tools to realise this large scale open financial data project.

In this workshop we will interactively demonstrate how to trace EU data, the lessons learned and the tools used. In the second part of the workshop we will do a hands-on demonstrator together with the participants, tracing and visualising the EU structural Funds.

The cases and pilot studies that we have developed in the realm of this project will be waved through our story illustrating the lessons we learned and best practices on setting up an open data story, whilst at the same time giving insights in financial transparency in the European Union in their own right.

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Montag, 8. Mai 2017 - 19:45 bis 20:45