MISSION TO THE MOON - Using space and social media for exploration and engagement

Science Fiction
re:publica 2017


Berlin-based space company PTScientists are on a mission. A Mission to the Moon in fact. This is not science fiction. This is not fake news. This is a step towards making space more accessible – and it starts right here in Berlin. Come and meet the PTScientists and find out how they’ve been working with technology partners Audi and Vodafone to make their #MissiontotheMoon a reality, and learn how social media is key to engaging a global audience with space exploration.


PTScientists aren’t just aiming high – they’re aiming to send a pair of rovers to the surface of the Moon in 2018. With a shout of “Hell yeah, it’s rocket science!”, PTScientists founder, Robert Boehme, will explain why he thinks the company could be the first private company to reach the Moon – and what they plan to do when they get there.

Joining him is Kate Arkless Gray – aka @SpaceKate – to talk about the power of space as a tool to inspire and truly engage people with science. She will discuss how NASA and ESA have successfully used social media to reach non-traditional audiences, building lasting relationships with them.

The pair will discuss how the Audi lunar quattro came to feature in the latest Alien film, what’s special about the chosen lunar landing site, and how you can get involved with the mission from the comfort of your sofa.

Dienstag, 9. Mai 2017 - 13:45 bis 14:45