Entrepreneurial Organizations: – facing the realities of a changed business context

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re:publica 2017


Most companies today are lost. Because the business context today is changing faster than ever before in the past 100 years companies are pressured to transform or doomed to fail. That’s why the „digital tranformation“ is the buzzword of our decade. But where are we transforming to? In todays changed age organizations need to let go of the machine metaphor and become entrepreneurial.


If the occurring changes in today’s business context had to be boiled down to a few words that described the essence of the changes, these words would surely be this: Complexity and speed.

In order to cope with these changing context we need an overarching aim for all these transformations efforts. A vision to transform to. In this talk we want to present the concept of an entrepreneurial organsation as guiding principle and purpose for business.

An Entrepreneurial Organisation is an organisation in which employees are fully engaged in the organisation and continuously aim to contribute to its value creation process. This enables the Entrepreneurial Organisation to think quickly and creatively, to continuously listen to and recognise changes in its environment, and to respond quickly and appropriately while creating meaningful and sustainable value for the people it aims to serve, its stakeholders and itself.

Organizations should be change drivers and not change takes, create value and not just manage it and build enabling structures not rely on their hierarchies.

Furthermore we want to share our experiences as coaches, consultants and facilitators in our work with our partners and clients.

In an interactive talk we will challenge the audience to experience the key elements of this concept.

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Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017 - 11:45 bis 12:15
Lightning Talk