Beyond Music, Arts and Startups – How Civic and Corporate Crowdfunding can rejuvenate Governments and Industries

Business & Innovation
re:publica 2016


Crowdfunding is more than just pre-selling the latest tech gadgets or supporting indy artists. Crowdfunding for civic purposes has made it possible to build bridges, pools and prayer houses, Corporate Crowdfunding has invigorated banks and old industries alike. In this panel discussion, we discuss recent examples of Civic Crowdfunding and Corporate Crowdfunding in Germany - and take a look into future when activists crowdfunding their new Bitnation through Cryptocurrencies.


Crowdfunding is often seen as a tool for improving access to finance for artists and creatives. Recently, it is also used as a tool for financing startups. The most interesting cases of Crowdfunding are, when the person giving the money does not primarily profit from the result of the Crowdfunding campaign - this was the case for instance when the citizens for Rotterdam came together to create the Luchtensingel, a Crowdfunded bridge. These cases of Civic Crowdfunding are interesting because they counteract the notion that Crowdfunding has to be all about personal benefits, perks and rewards. Place2Help has created a platform in Munich which allows these new civic projects to be realized.

Even more interesting, Corporate Crowdfunding is creating cases where large companies are using Crowdfunding as a tool for internal innovation, sometimes creating employee benefits as well. Crowdfunding is not used as a financing tool, but as a tool for game play and creativity. We will disuss this with David Heberling from the Berlin agency Table of Visions, which has created a number of internal crowdfunding platforms for large corporations.

In the talk, we will put these cases in contrast with radical ideas such as Bitnation, where you can join as a citizen and receive a passport - and which tries to build services for its "citizens" by being paid in Cryptocurrencies. Are networks like Bitnation a new type of civic institution that uses a cryptocurrency-crowdfunding approach? Or a new type of activist corporate? 

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Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2016 - 16:15 bis 16:45




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